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Christmas Party Venue in Docklands

Events like Christmas parties are a great way to further strengthen the bonds among colleagues, family, and friends. If you’re planning early and looking for a Christmas party venue in Docklands that features an elegant dining space and an intimate atmosphere, let us lead you to Yassas- The Greek Way. For those looking for a tailored dining experience for larger groups of people, Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands will surely leave a good first impression and wow everyone on your guest list.

An Amazing Christmas Party Venue with Delicious Hellenic Flair

Located on the ground of The District Docklands, less than ten minutes from Melbourne CBD, Yassas- The Greek Way is set to inspire and fill your tummy with delicious food and drinks originating from the Mediterranean. Its facade showcases its distinctly Greek architectural style, Yassas surely welcomes modern and urban touches and the beauty of traditional Greek grandeur. Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands showcases traditional Greek interior design with its pristine white and blue walls and contemporary furnishings. Seating up to 100 guests with its alfresco dining space or up to 200 guests for a cocktail-style Christmas party, Yassas- The Greek Way offers a festive setting and memorable dining experience. Hosts are given the ability to adorn the interiors, too.While our spaces are meant to mimic the fresh architecture and style of Greece,  you may also craft the atmosphere based on the theme or the occasion you wish to celebrate. Our friendly and professional staff will assist you in decorating the interior and outdoor spaces to make it more cheerful and merry for guests. It’s one of the best venues for a company Christmas party for businesses nearby. Its strategic location and the lively atmosphere at Yassas will surely boost the holiday spirit as you and your colleagues feast on gorgeous and flavourful Greek food- from its simple and refreshing appetisers to mouthwatering meats and freshly-grilled seafood. Depending on your budget and food preferences, our seasoned staff at Yassas-The Greek Way can help you to create a tailored venue exclusively for your Yuletide celebration. With an extensive and well-rounded menu, Yassas offers you the flexibility to mix and match the dishes to be served on the day of your much-awaited Christmas party. Whether you want a clean and green feast or tables filled with nothing but carnivorous treats, you will find that Yassas- The Greek Way will offer flavourful and perfectly-cooked dishes that fit your requests.

Thoroughly Welcoming and Warm Christmas Party Venue at Docklands

Traditionally, Greek restaurants feature straightforward and competitively-priced menus. At Yassas- The Greek Way, we strive to offer substantial meals with an exquisite selection of drinks, too. The kitchen staff are professionally trained in basic and advanced Greek cooking, so you can rest assured excellence is at the top of its priority list. All raw materials are wholesome and fresh, with some sourced from local producers and rare ingredients imported straight from Greece. Even those of Greek heritage come to Yassas to enjoy authentic Hellenic best-sellers such as the moussaka, souvlaki, gyros, and calamari. For Christmas parties, be it with family, friends, or colleagues, Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands promises to serve you the real deal at affordable prices. One of the reasons why Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands is fast becoming a popular Christmas venue is its ability to create blissful and shared enjoyment for quality and tasty food. It’s a central tenet to any great party- that the vibe and customer service is combined with a well-planned food and drinks menu. Whether you choose the popular Greek Platters filled with succulent slices of chicken, pork, and lamb, or the more traditional staples like gyros, souvlas, or its wide array of dips, Yassas- The Greek Way is well prepared to bring people together to create unforgettable moments around the holiday season. You can choose from a simple sit-down lunch or dinner or cocktail-style dining to finish off a wonderful and productive year with your colleagues. The drinks menu at Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands is just as diverse as its food menu. You and your colleagues can choose from long-standing favourites such as mojitos and martinis. The restaurant also prides itself for its impressive list of wines, aperitifs, and beers from local and international brands. Yassas- The Greek Way is without a doubt one of the most fun and exciting Christmas party venues in Docklands. Its authentic Greek fare with a touch of modern Melbourne continuously inspires its reputation as one of the best places to feast on good food and drinks for small and large groups alike. It will continue to amaze its guests with its well-rounded Hellenic fare, thus creating a unique identity for itself and securing its place in Melbourne’s must-visit dining places.
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