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Birthday Party

Birthday Party Venue in Docklands

Finding a special-occasion table at a Greek restaurant in Docklands can be challenging to book, especially if you have a long list of people you want to celebrate your birthday with. You probably want to host your special day somewhere central and stylish, with impeccable food and attentive service. If you want to serve a delicious yet healthy feast for you and your guests, we found the perfect birthday venue for you! Yassas- The Greek Way is probably one of the best places where you can round up family and friends to commemorate yet another complete rotation around the sun. Yassas is a tried and tested dining spot that offers something special for celebrants and guests alike. You are guaranteed a grand time while you feast on authentic Greek meals and libations- all of which are prepared and served by a skilled and dedicated staff.

Yassas- The Greek Way is Definitely Where Your Party’s At

Yassas- The Greek Way in Docklands is a stellar choice for special occasions of every kind, but especially for intimate and fun birthday parties. The superb food and drinks are a treat in themselves. Expect nothing less but five-star treatment from the chefs meticulously preparing your meals in the kitchen. Our servers are just as thoughtful and caring as they lead you to your reserved tables. At Yassas- The Greek Way, you may choose to reserve several large, perfectly-lined tables indoors or if you prefer alfresco dining, you may reserve its entire outdoor space with the picturesque view of the Yarra River and Seafarers Pedestrian Bridge. It’s the perfect space to wine and dine during hot summers and evenings when the skyscrapers of Melbourne light up the cityscape. The energetic yet laid-back atmosphere makes for an unforgettable birthday bash. At Yassas, the aesthetics of each dish pop- the Mediterranean design, clean interiors, even the plateware are both vibrant and colourful.

A Very Happy Birthday at Yassas- The Greek Way at Docklands

Consider yourself a meat lover? Head to Yassas for your birthday bash, where you and your mates can tuck into an exciting Hellenic menu of charcoal-grilled meats cooked over an open fire. The meat platters will surely make for an exciting and unique experience on your special day. There are too many dishes in their menu that will make your mouth water and wish you could’ve discovered this place much earlier. 

For birthdays where you are bound to invite people with different food tastes, you need a menu that showcases a wide assortment of meats, seafood, and vegetables. At Yassas, you are in for a treat. As the restaurant showcases Mediterranean food, your food choices are virtually limitless. You can choose from its wide range of spreads and dips lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients. The pita is served hot, making for an amazing choice to whet your appetite.

Their appetisers come in generous servings and taste too good to be enjoyed alone. You can choose from excellently-seasoned crispy calamari, grilled halloumi, grilled saganaki, and traditional dolmades.

For the main course, don’t forget to order Yassas bestsellers such as moussaka in traditional meat and vegan varieties, gyro in traditional sandwich and rice bowl form, and the flavourful souvlas with your choice of meat (lamb or chicken), falafels, or halloumi.There are many other shareable items in the menu and the drinks menu feature alcoholic and non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers as you and your friends toast for another great year ahead.

To cap off your birthday lunch or dinner, dive into classic baklava and loukoumades that are just the right amount of sweet. These are the perfect treats if you aren’t too keen on blowing a candle on top of a cake on your special day. 

Appreciate what Birthday Parties are All About

Birthday parties are all about you and your friends sharing a feast, enjoying the company of the people dearest to you. At Yassas, we take time preparing for special occasions like these- whether it be birthdays or corporate gatherings. We want to make every moment count, especially on special occasions. Birthday celebrations at Yassas are not just about the food, but also about its ambience that is welcoming and inviting to every birthday celebrant.

Our Birthday Party Packages make it easy for you to choose what’s best for your guests. You can even tailor-make a package that matches your needs, likes and desires. To reserve a table or if you are planning a big birthday bash for you or a loved one, you may also rent the entire venue for an exclusively Greek celebration with people who matter the most.

To book your birthday party venue at Yassas-The Greek Way, contact our friendly staff on 03 9642 7145 or make a reservation online
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