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Best Lunch Restaurant in Melbourne

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Whether you’re in the mood for freshly grilled seafood, falafel, lamb gyro, or baklava, Yassas- The Greek Way is the best place for lunch in Melbourne. Though Melbourne has one of the most diverse restaurant scenes in Australia, its Greek restaurants are some of the most special dining places as it appeals to the discerning palate of its residents.

Greek food also perfectly matches the healthy and wholesome lifestyle that  Melburnians have adapted in the past decade. And when midday nourishment is concerned, only a few spots in Melbourne can truly provide that satisfying dining experience than a traditional Hellenic fare. 


The Best Greek Lunch Spots in Melbourne

Of all lunch restaurants in Melbourne, Yassas- The Greek Way has presented the local dining scene with truly authentic and rich flavours of Greece. This Greek restaurant which is also rated as one of the best birthday lunch restaurants in Melbourne takes you on a journey through the various regions of Greece, with its tantalising desserts, dishes, and drinks.

Yassas is strategically placed in three locations, ensuring locals from all over the busy metropolis sample the best lunch the city has to offer. If you live or work at the heart of Melbourne’s busy business district, Yassas in Docklands is just a few minutes away. The Docklands branch gives you a breath-taking view of the Yarra River. 

Blue greek design pattern

Whether you are out for a quick lunch with colleagues or planning a leisurely luncheon with friends on a weekend, the alfresco dining space transforms into a cosy area where you can feast on lovely food while appreciating the great weather and lively urban scenes. 

Yassas in Southbank is located just a few kilometres away from the Docklands branch. For those working around the busy district of Southbank, Yassas is a hidden gem of Southbank plaza. It’s a one of the best lunch spots for office workers and shoppers who wish to satisfy their hunger with competitively priced flavourful food. It features a spacious indoor dining area where you can host small to large luncheons among colleagues or even a birthday lunch if you’re not too keen on making it casual and convenient for you and your guests.  

Lastly, there’s Yassas in Eastland. If you live in Ringwood and surrounding suburbs, you don’t have to make the arduous drive to the city to fill your tummy with authentic Greek food. The third branch of Yassas- The Greek Way is located at Eastland Shopping Centre, if you wish to feast on Hellenic fare made from the freshest produce and imported ingredients.  

With all three locations of Yassas- The Greek Way, diners gain easy access to superb Mediterranean food in Melbourne.

Excellent Meals for a Memorable Birthday Lunch in Melbourne

There’s a reason why Yassas is known as one of the best names for Greek Food in Melbourne. It’s during one of those planned lunch dates at Yassas that you’ll be able to sample the most delicious Greek staples, including moussaka, grilled lamb, pickled octopus, souvla, and tzatziki that will remind you of Greece.  

Yassas offers a contemporary and refined twist on authentic Hellenic recipes. The restaurant aims to captivate locals with simple yet delectable presentations that will tempt you to visit more often for lunch or even for dinner. 

Yassas offers a slice of Greece in Melbourne. The well-rounded menu is definitely worth the drive even if you live a bit far from any of their three locations. Experience top-calibre Mediterranean lunch meals without splitting your wallet in half. Truly, the affordable price point of its lunch menu is one of the stronger points of Yassas in the local Melbourne lunch dining landscape. The prices at Yassas are reasonably priced, but the quality of the food can definitely compete against high-end restaurants in the city.  

Although the three locations showcase differing interior design, all exude a composed and calm atmosphere, making them the best lunch spots if you want to focus on savouring your time for relaxation and nourishment. The sleek surfaces, the impressive bar, and moody lighting combine to provide you with a Greek vibe with that familiar Melbourne feel.

Give Yassas- The Greek Way a chance to impress your senses during one of your lunch outings in the near future.

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