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When it comes to making merry, you will always find Melbournians at bars. But not just any bar! It’s next to impossible separating food and drinks in the Melbourne food scene. Melbourne is regarded as Australia’s Foodie capital due to its rich diversity, openness to try out new flavours from other parts of the world, and its innovative approach to food and dining. The city is teeming with exciting restaurants that showcase wonderful foreign flavours that are being wholeheartedly received by locals. Drinking is meant to accompany food and at Yassas- The Greek Way, you are sure to experience the best of both worlds.

The Best of All Booze at Yassas- The Greek Way at Ringwood

Blue greek design pattern

The best bars in Ringwood aren’t limited to those found on rooftops or posh restaurants. If you’re looking for a relaxed space where you can leave your worries at the door, you can find the best cocktail bar conveniently located at the ground level of Eastland Shopping Centre at Ringwood. Yassas- The Greek Way is where you need to be if you’re looking for a deliciously affordable beer on tap or exciting cocktails with a Hellenic twist. If you’ve got a never-ending thirst for exquisite libations, this Greek restaurant will serve you with an extensive option unheard of in many parts of Melbourne. And the best part of it all- you can always enjoy them with equally amazing Greek food- all prepared fresh and served piping hot  by our friendly staff.

At Yassas- The Greek Way, you’ll find the perfect balance of comfort and class. Best-sellers such as Greek Mojito, Greek Martini, and Mimosa Yassas Style come in beautiful glassware. If you’re not the type to sit pretty on the usual masterpieces, the list is always on the move, keeping up with the diverse palate of its guests. You can request the staff to whip you something out of the ordinary or make your staple mix instead.

The impeccable drinks list also includes traditional Greek drinks, including Ouzo- an anise-flavoured aperitif made from grapes, Tsipuro- a quintessential Greek drink made from grape residue, and Raki- a clear brandy extracted from distilled grapes and flavoured with anise. If you aren’t too keen on hard liquor and spirits, Yassas-The Greek Way also serves an extensive wine list showcasing local Australian wines and those thoughtfully made in Greece and other famous Old World and New World wine countries.

Fun and Exciting Fine Dining at Yassas- The Greek Way, Ringwood

Whether it’s wine, cider, lager, cocktails, whiskey, or even housemade mocktails, every item on the Yassas- The Greek Way menu is carefully curated, with the incredible quality and variety impressive to say the least. You should dine here, too!

If you’re looking for fine dining in Ringwood, Yassas- The Greek Way is a no brainer. Fresh meat and seafood are wonderfully seasoned with spices from here and abroad. The chefs definitely know what they’re doing as every chicken, lamb, and pork are char-grilled to perfection. Don’t forget to take a dip of its Mezes or small plates of appetisers, including tzatziki, hummus, taramosalata, spicy feta. It has an impressive salad line-up if you’re looking to start your dinner with something filling and healthy. Fresh from the grill, you can choose from generous portions of chicken, lamb, or pork skewers served with fresh pita. And don’t forget to try out its signature dishes like the moussaka in its traditional meaty and vegetarian forms.

Everything is served family style at Yassas- because after all that’s the Greek Way of enjoying food in the Motherland. The food is reasonably priced and the ambiance is close to what you’d normally experience in Greek Islands. Yassas- The Greek Way gets busy, especially during lunch and dinner time. It’s always best to contact them to reserve a table or two, or the entire venue if you’re looking to host a party or corporate function.

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