Yassas The Greek Way
A must-visit Greek Restaurant in Melbourne

Blue greek design pattern
Yassas- The Greek Way is definitely where you want to be if you’re looking to satisfy your Greek food cravings. We have an extensive menu filled with awe-inspiring Greek dishes, including vegetarian options and even gluten-free dishes. Our chefs are passionate about cooking, using fresh ingredients, and our staff customer service is second to none. Come experience it for yourself!

At Yassas, a traditional function cannot be held without the three ‘ Ps – the perfect food, the perfect location, and the perfect ambience. At Yassas, this is taken to another level.
Yassas is a  Greek Restaurant and is one of the top greek restaurants in Southbank, Melbourne, as we serve food that has been handed down through generations. But if you’re unwilling to drive to Southbank, fear not! We have branches in Docklands and Eastland that serve the same delicious menu and fantastic ambience to boot.   When you’re craving an authentic Greek feast, there’s no better place to be than at Yassas-The Greek Way! Feast your palate on the healthy and delicious dishes that are rich in history and tradition.  Greek food has always been associated with fresh ingredients, and at Yassas, we take this seriously. Using a wide array of locally-grown produce, we create luscious meals to satisfy your cravings and make you come back for more.

The Best Place in Southbank that Serves Simple and Wholesome Greek Food

Blue greek design pattern
Here at Yassas, we recognize the importance of health and wellness. To that end, we use the finest ingredients in preparing traditional Greek dining staples such as traditional Souvlaki in pork, chicken, and lamb options, Moussaka, Gyro, and Yemista. We realise that Greeks and Australians have one thing in common- we like our food healthy and flavoursome; hence we have come up with exquisite herbed seasonings and sauces, drizzling it over meats, seafood, and vegetables.

When you’re looking for clean-tasting and soulful Hellenic fare, Yassas is definitely the place you’d want to partake with family and friends.

Mediterranean Southbank Dining with a Modern Melbourne Twist

We put a whole new meaning to the “Mediterranean Diet.” We take fresh and healthy ingredients and transform them into nourishing foods that you will savour until the last bite. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views as you wine and dine on our delectable Hellenic fare at our dedicated balcony area facing the Yarra River and the bustling Melbourne central business district. Combine this with a warm and homey ambience; you are definitely in for a treat at Yassas. Our menu won’t disappoint whether you are looking to eat a light salad or a lavish Greek spread consisting of roasted meats, seafood, and vegetables. 

We promote the communal and friendly dining experience that our Greek roots are known for. You can spend hours on end at our Southbank dining spot as you nibble away on heavenly appetisers in generous portions. We make dining a wonderful and enriching experience once more. With a friendly smile to greet you at the door and courteous staff that will serve your order promptly, you can never go wrong visiting our Southbank restaurant.
Not only will you be able to sample a variety of dishes, but also experience the impeccable service that Yassas is known for.
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