How To Plan The Perfect Mother's Day
With Yassas' Greek Cuisine in Melbourne

Mother's Day at Yassas
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Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and you know what that means. It’s time to get started on planning the perfect day for your mum, grandma, or other special women in your life who deserves a little pampering this year.

We have some great suggestions about how you can plan out an unforgettable Mother’s day with Yassas restaurant and keep her happy all weekend long!

1. The First Thing To Do Is Book a Table at Our Yassas Website.

We have three locations around Melbourne, Southbank, Docklands, and Eastland.

Here’s how to book reservations at Yassas’ Greek Restaurant:

a. Go to Yassas The Greek Way Website
b. Click “Book Now”
c. Click a location (Southbank, Docklands, or Eastland)

Be sure to book early to get mum’s ideal table spot. Booking a reservation at one of our locations today ensures she won’t be left waiting around while everyone else has fun eating delicious food together.

If there are more of you celebrating Mother’s Day with us, then make sure to mention it in the reservations so that everyone is expected and has their seat!

2. Yassas' Greek Cuisine Has a Range of Delicious Dishes.

These fantastic dishes will surely make any mother happy on her special day.

Here are some of the best dishes options that surely mother’s will love:

  • Gyros
  • Meat platter
  • Moussaka
  • Traditional grill
  • Souvla wraps

See our menu for each Yassas Locations :

Yassas Southbank Menu

Yassas Docklands Menu

Yassas Eastland Menu

3. Plan a Mother’s Day Date With Mums Favourite Dish.

Mother’s Day celebrates all the mothers that bring happiness and meaning to our lives. So here at Yassas, we want you to make this day extra special for all the mothers.

Here, you can treat mum to a delicious meal. Yassas has the perfect dish that mum and everyone in the family will most enjoy. Including the (Gyros, Saganaki).

Plus, there’s always an option of ordering off of the special mother’s day menu.

4. Turn Off Your Phone.

Put aside your mobile phone or any distractions that aren’t included in the plan for the day. Today should only be about time spent with Mum – not scrolling through social media, checking emails or other routines daily.

5. End the Day With a Surprise.

Yassas’ desserts are a perfect way to end your Mother’s Day celebration. From the Dessert Plate, Baklava or Loukoumades; There is something suitable for everyone!

Surprise mum with a beautiful bouquet of her favourite type and colour of flowers. Her face will light up when she sees it!

Surprise her with a lovely gift she’ll never forget! She might’ve mention hints on an ordinary day about what she wants to receive but doesn’t tell or expect you to give it to her.

6. Host Mother’s Day Celebration at Home.

Do spoil your mum on her special day, and if you plan to host the mother’s day celebration at home, you can order a take-out from Yassas The Greek Way on the website or through our number.

We offer both takeaways and deliveries here in Melbourne.

Some last-minute tips on how to have a fantastic day with your mum!

  • Don’t forget to express how much she means to you by giving her flowers beforehand if possible! You could surprise her by giving her flowers when she gets home from work
  • Give her a Mother’s day present
  • Plan a day full of fun activities with her and the family. After taking her to lunch or dinner, bring her somewhere nice or to her favourite place

Let Yassas The Greek Way take care of your Mother’s Day celebrations. If you plan to host the special day at home, we offer various options for this special event.

Hey, thanks so much for reading our post!

We want to make sure you’re able to celebrate Mother’s day with your family this year. So go ahead and share it on Facebook or Twitter now. And, don’t forget the hashtag #mothersdaymelbourne

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