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Yassas is committed to bringing you the best of Greek cuisine in Melbourne. Not only do we offer a wide selection of healthy Mediterranean options, but we also take pride in our incredible staff and passionate chefs to ensure your meal is fantastic all around!

When you want to savour the authentic Greek restaurant experience, complete with the refreshing vibe of Greece and the robust flair of a busy kitchen, Yassas is the spot to be.  

The philosophy behind our food venture is to serve up good, honest traditional food using thoughtfully sourced local produce. We source the freshest and finest ingredients to offer a contemporary Melbourne twist on Greek dining.  

Authentic Greek Food in Casual Melbourne Setting

Here at Yassas, we provide our guests with an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. We welcome the local community to try out our light salads and wholesome gyros in the middle of their busy day. Enjoy a night out at Yassas, and we’ll definitely give you reasons to unwind and celebrate at our bar and grill with after-office hours drinks and light bites with colleagues, friends, and family. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every guest has a warm experience when they dine here; you will always feel welcomed by us!

In Greek culture, good food not only comforts the soul but aligns with existing healthy dietary preferences. We aim to serve the classic Greek menu with the unique twist of using local ingredients, making it appealing to the diverse palate of Melburnians. Yassas welcomes guests to chic, Greek-style tavern interiors that embody the rich cultural roots of our unique cuisine style. Our warm hospitality begins at the door as you are welcomed into our warm and cosy space by a staff trained in the fine art of personalized attention. We pay close attention to each guest and strive to make your experience second to none.

Unpretentious, Satisfying, and Hearty Greek Food at One of Melbourne's Top Greek Restaurants

Our sophisticated Greek tavern interiors mimic the direction of the food: a contemporary menu that finds its roots in authentic Greek cuisine but manifests itself in a modern Australian twist where simple but refined taste is everything. For those who wish to relish their dining experience al fresco-style, our staff will lead you to our spacious balcony that offers a fantastic view of the Yarra River. The view is exceptionally captivating at night as lights sparkle from the skyscrapers, adding a chill vibe as you feast with friends and loved ones. The décor is second only to the cuisine, which focuses on casual Greek cooking. The best example is the hearty moussaka, made with layered fresh eggplant, potatoes, beef and topped with rich creamy bechamel. Most items on the menu have vegan versions, so diners don’t have to worry about limited menu options. 

When you need some comfort food on your next dining expedition, try Yassas Melbourne Greek Restaurant! We prepare fresh, simple, and hearty Greek spreads that are best shared with friends and family – even in the comforts of your own home. One of our best-selling offerings right now is the Greek Feast For Two banquet featuring a generous platter consisting of Crispy Calamari, Classic Chicken Gyro, Lamb Cutlet, Bifteki, Pork Skewers, roasted vegetables, and a whole bunch of chips, dips, and salad to fill your stomachs to satisfaction.

Traditional Greek Food in Melbourne Reimagined

Blue greek design pattern

At Yassas, a menu of modern Hellenic fare keeps the dining room packed, and the hypnotic scent of spices beckons locals and tourists to enjoy a splendid and wholesome meal. The main dishes are simply cooked the traditional way but are surprisingly appealing and delectable to the modern palate. 

Our menu emphasizes more on the traditional and signature Mediterranean dishes, including the Yemista brimming with capsicum, tomatoes, and baked potatoes, as well as lamb cutlets chargrilled and wonderfully served with tabouli salad. 

Our Greek food menu shines at brunch with superb lunch specials or Souvlas that come in Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Falafels, and Halloumi options. For Oenophiles, take note of the wine list, which includes a fine Australian selection and Greek varietals that are hard to find elsewhere. At Yassas, we expand our menu with enticing desserts like Baklava, Galaktoubourek, Kataifi, and Loukoumades, all freshly prepared for both the young and old.  

Yassas has some exciting Greek food offerings throughout the year, so do not miss out on learning more about what we have in store for you.

Join us for lunch, dinner, or dessert and drinks in our locations in Docklands, Ringwood, and Southbank. We look forward to making your Greek restaurant experience in Melbourne a memorable one that will make you keep coming back for more. Subscribe to our Greek food, Greek culture, Greek cuisine newsletter and connect with us via social media. We look forward to welcoming you here at Yassas Restaurant.
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